How About Hanko?(Nov)


Special Japanese culture Stamp a seal

For gift!  For souvenir! For signature!

We Make Your Original Stamp Just For You,Only One In The World!

We will propose a best Kanji Hanko that meets your requests!

1  Choose the HANKO material

We have round and square type of material.


We will create your name in kanji or katakana.Every Kanji character has a meaning. Making your Kanji name means adding a meaning to your name. You can choose from cool and sharp Kanji characters with their meaning that we carefully selected from 500,00 characters.

​3 Hand finishing

Carefully and finish the hand to be a beautiful stamp face by craftsmen.

​4 stamped

It will be stamped on the warranty on your own.It will be a 10-year warranty.

​5 Selection of cases

We have a case with a craftsman-made tradition.

(HANKO creation time) It takes 30 minutes.

(HANKO price) 980en〜

What HANKO? 

Hanko (or Inkan) is the personalized name seal used in Japanin lieu of signatures.Hanko date back to 5500 B.C., when people in the Middle East began engraving their personal symbols on stones, shells and clay and leaving impressions to identify property as their own. Hanko use first spread to Europe, and then Asia.

Hanko have been employed by high officials and samurai for most of Japan's recorded history and were already common among merchants and farmers by the Edo Period (1603-1868).
The modern hanko system was codified during the Meiji Era (1868-1912) in the early 1870s, when legislation was passed requiring people to register their hanko and use them on important documents.
A hanko personal seal is a necessary item for most adults in Japan which is the same role as a signature in the West.

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